Let’s get serious!

This is the beginning of a personal journey

It's been a long time since i started playing with my 3D printer
from the start i imagined and designed my models
publishing them i received an unexpected interest in my idea
now it's time to get this to the next level

Artwork by Ellysiumn

In this first post I’ll try to give you an overview of my future works, how it’s started and how I intend to keep this going from now on.

It’s basically the kind of post you’ll likely skip, ’cause you don’t know me and you don’t give a crap about my life. Remember back in the days when everyone keep publishing about their feelings on myspace and livespace? Something like that!

Always edit before printing

Despite a total lack of experience with 3D modeling softwares, the first models I printed were edited to my needs and taste. This of course meens that I had to wait to get my grasp on some basic modeling skills to print my first failures, then some basic upgrades that everyone have on their printers and finally a keychain that makes its way to Thingiverse.

Not that you have to provide any quality level to publish a model on thingiverse ’cause, let’s be real, this one sucks: I had so little experience with slicing and 3D modeling softwares that i decided to add  the supports directly in the model, with details so tiny a 0.4mm extruder nozzle couldn’t properly print and gaps so thight the pieces can’t fit together without some filing.

This taught me a lot ad set the style for my future works.

more than ornaments

Soon I found out that my works were beloved, that the idea to use every day a tool recalling a passion of yours was more than welcome. Something that fits nicely on a shelf disguising between the action figures of a collector appeals not only to me but to a large number of users.

C’mon, it’s cool to have a smartphone stand disguised as a Chozo statue! We all bounced from our chair seeing this statue coming back to life to beat us down when we were kids!

This particular model received an interest behind my expectation on Thingiverse and it made me think about the idea to open this website.

Time to get serious

Now I’m at a point in my life where I have to prove to myself what I can do, what I can reach, how far I can go with nothing more than a passion. Several users showed me that I have good chances and I have all the intentions of exploiting them.

I know that to you this might means nothing but getting tipped, having one of your model in a youtube video, several reddit topics on your works, all without asking once for it, without publishing once on any social network, feels great!
All of this makes me think that I can actually achieve something and I believe that the natural thing to do now is try to make some small profit.

Here you will find my favourite projects with instruction and suggestion to print, assemble and paint them. I will publish improved version of my old works and new ideas for sale and I’ll keep the old ones for free.

Website under construction

The website is still under construction, for now feel free to visit my profiles on Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory

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